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Ed Louwers is 2Creative. Corperate presentations in Powerpoint Branded and/or illustrated. Drawings, (3D-)infographics, photography or even 3D impressions. For almost 20 years a trusted designer who gets the job done. With a Academic background, solid soft- and hardware knowhow, Planning-skills. As a seasoned Designer I support clients and influencers worldwide to boost their propositions or presentaties. Booths, banners, presentations, social media, Graphic design and even more. My strenght is my swiftness, open character, solid technical knowhow, experience in the field of software consultancy, marketing and product design.


Together with my girl, I'm taking care of my 3 kick-ass boys. We often travel, enjoy nature and old villages. We build lego towns, play soccer, or Fifa on the Ps4. I go on fishing adventures with my kids that mostly end with one of em soaking wet, or hurt himself and having the rods all tangled up. I also often try to beat my girl with tennis. Personally I enjoy drawing, home improvement, architecture, art, culture, concerts, cooking, sailing, reading, observing, (F1) racing, and sailing. I often play games, go to concerts or make music with my friends. As a born creative I keep myself occupied.


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