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As the owner of 2Creative I am specialized in Visual design. Branding, Corporate presentations, (3D) infographics, flyers, folders, cartoons, banners, impressies, (stock-) photography, you name it. But also interior and garden design and art objects. As a experienced Designer I consult company's with marketing and communication. Most recently I was a partime designer at a great IT company SIG in Amsterdam. Here I developed their new branding, PPT templates, social cards, infographics and a 300+ icon and stockphoto repository. A great IT consultancy company with the brightest and talenten people I've met. After that I moved on to work freelance for a diverse range of (international) company's, helping them with presentations, newsletters etc. Examples are ANWB, Yvora, Epos media, OnRecruit and Cisco systems USA.

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I am always looking for new challenges and territories, freelance or on contract base. I designed, planned and organized Casinosigns worldwide for Holland casino, Thailand, MSC cruiseships to Monaco. I thank Gaming Support for this great oppertunity. I helped a great influencer and former colleague Evelyn van Kelle with her presentations on various international events. Most recent I spent my time on my art project 'Wooden racecars' which you can see elsewhere on this website. In 2017 I designed and built my own house in industrial style. In 2020 I designed and built my garden. Now I am ready for my next challenge and looking for the right company to show my skillset. Whatever the creative challenge, I'm up for the task. You can find me on LinkedIn or send an email to 2creativerotterdam@gmail.com


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